Hot Rod Power Tour 2012 – Day 3: Champaign, IL

Day 3 of the Hot Rod Power Tour kicked of with a blast … of rain.  But a little water couldn’t spoil the event.  Right on time the cars started rolling into the parking lots surrounding the Assembly Hall Arena at the University of Illinois. Continue reading


Hot Rod Power Tour 2012 – Day 2: Muskegon, MI

Wow, what a day. The second day of the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour has officially come to a close after a tremendous day in Muskegon. Normally the Hot Rod Power Tour never goes to the same city two years in a row but after such a warm reception by the city of Muskegon last year we were delighted to return again this year. Continue reading

Hot Rod Power Tour 2012 – Day 1: GM Proving Grounds, Milford, MI

Day #1 of the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour is now finished and couldn’t have gone better. When we first arrived at the GM Proving Grounds in Milford, the weather looked bleak. It was cold, cloudy, and looked like the rain we had experienced all day and night yesterday would continue. But as we started setting up the skys cleared and the sun came out. What we ended up with was the perfect weather for a car show. Continue reading

Hot Rod Power Tour – Kickoff at the Lingenfelter Collection

Lingenfelter Collection

On the day before the Power Tour begins Lingenfelter had an open house at the Lingenfelter Collection. This collection was filled with everything from exotics to classics and every generation of Lingenfelter vehicle. But the show didn’t stop outside as the streets were lined with Power Tour participant vehicles.  For all of the pictures head to our Facebook page.

We can’t wait for the tour to start tomorrow!  We are going to have lots of unique cars on display at our booth this year and we are also going to be running a show special (but you have to come to the show to find out what the special is).  Check out this year’s route to see if we will be near you!  We will also be posting daily updates on our Blog, Facebook, and Twitter for those that can’t make it to this year’s tour.

We have a new look!

If you haven’t noticed already our blog looks a little different.  But our blog isn’t the only thing to get a facelift.  We also have a brand new website!  And if you haven’t seen it yet, then hurry up and check out  There are going to be a lot of new and exciting features being added all the time so stay tuned.  We have also launched MagnusonTV ( – our new YouTube channel.  There you will find videos we have posted from the various events we attend as well as an inside look at our product and facility.

Spring Car Show Schedule

Spring is almost here.  The days are starting to get longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and this can only mean one thing – the start of another Car Show Season.  We here at Magnuson Products are excited for this year’s show season as we have lots of new products and platforms to debut and we just love finding an excuse to hang around cars and car-people for hours on end.  Over the next month and a half we will be all over the country attending multiple shows and national car meets.  Check out our schedule after the jump to find out if we will be in your neck of the woods.  And if you happen to know of a big car show or meet that you think we should be attending we would love to hear about it so leave us a comment letting us know what, when, and where it is!

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Magna Charger vs. Procharger: The Definitive Test

The question of whether to go with a Hybrid-Roots supercharger or a centrifugal supercharger is as old as the debate of Coke vs. Pepsi. People on both sides of these arguments think that their choice is better than the other but their arguments are usually lacking any kind of empirical data to back up their claims. It has always widely been believed that the hybrid-roots blower will make more power down low but be out-powered by the centrifugal on the high end. Well I am here to dispel that myth since a very well done comparison was recently posted up on the Camaro5 forum ( by an independent tuning shop that sells every different supercharger on the market. This comparison was done on identically equipped 2010 Chevy Camaro SS’s with the LS3 and 6-speed Manual Transmission and tuned by the same person. The representative of the shop said that “they were different cars, but they were identical builds in terms of exhaust, header, heads, cam, etc. Of course they were both on our dyno as well, and both in similar weather (done within a week of each other in early spring).” He goes on to posit that “the difference [between the power curves] is great enough that even the variables of different cars would not [affect] the power differences you will see on the graphs.”

Follow the jump to see the overlaid dyno graphs to see for yourselves.

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